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Automotive Fuels Handbook



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Dostupnost: Skladem - In Stock
Číslo produktu: 9781787115903
Výrobce/vydavatel: Veloce Publishing, UK
Jazyk: angličtina
Autor: Paul Ireland
Typ/formát: Technická publikace
EAN kód: 9781787115903
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456 KČ ( Koncová cena vč. daní, cel a dovozních poplatků )

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Vazba: Brožovaná
Počet stran: 152
Rozměry v mm: 140 x 200
Počet obrázků: 135
Rok vydání: 2020

Describing, in plain English, the findings of a research programme into modern petrol/gasoline and its effects on classic engines. The book includes practical descriptions of how a spark-ignition engine works, and how it can be tuned to avoid common problems.

This book brings together a collection of popular articles previously published by the author in assorted car magazines. Based on in-depth research carried out at Manchester University, the articles investigate how classic engines respond to modern petrol/gasoline, and the results are presented here in a way that any enthusiast can understand.

One chapter ranks some brands and grades of modern petrol/gasoline, helping you choose the best type for your vehicle, while other chapters present the findings that debunk some of the myths about petrol/gasoline and engines. Real data is provided to help you tune your classic vehicle, and ensuring that it runs as it should. You will be able to experience the pleasure of driving your classic car instead of worrying about it breaking down.

The appendix gives a down-to-earth description of how to rebuild and tune SU and similar carburettors. After reading this, even a very nervous owner was able to rebuild and re-tune his twin SU carburettors.

Paul Ireland’s years of experience and no-nonsense scientific approach will help you get the best from your classic car.

  • Own a classic vehicle? Do you know what you are putting in your tank?
  • Modern petrol/gasoline, all is not what it seems. Read how different brands perform.
  • Ethanol in petrol/gasoline, friend or foe?
  • Trouble starting your hot engine? Find why and how prevent the problem.
  • Why modern petrol/gasoline “goes off” when stored.
  • Suck, squeeze, bang and blow. How petrol/gasoline engines really work
  • Burned exhaust valves? Cracked cylinder heads? Find out why
  • How to tune classic engines for normal road use.
  • The dangers of gas-flowing cylinder heads.
  • Practical advice on rebuilding and tuning SU and Stromberg carburettors.



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