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Cavallino Number 242 (April / May 2021)

The Journal of Ferrari History



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Every issue of Cavallino magazine contains superb photography, writing, and research, beautifully laid out and printed. We use the best photographers to shoot the current Ferraris, and we have an unrivalled archive of historical Ferrari photos. And our articles and stories on old and new Ferraris are thoroughly researched, written by acknowledged experts. Cavallino is the recognized Ferrari authority because all facts are checked and verified for accuracy. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself by viewing the sample pages below.

In this issue: 

Cover - The Preserved Engine of the 500 Mondial, s/n 0422 MD.

A Mondial Rediscovered - One of only 2 500 Mondial Berlinettas, this one languished for years but has been saved and preserved. An appreciation by the Historian Markus Siebenmorgen.

THE SP3JC - How do you make a Ferrari truly yours? John Collins did it and Keith Bluemel tells you how he did it, and not for one car but two.

Lettere – Many comments of interest this issue from your fellow readers.

In Memoriam - In honor of Jean Blaton & Romolo Tavoni. By Arnaud Blanfuney.

Notizie - Cavallino Classic 750 Monza wins another Best of the Best.

Notizie - Auto d’Epoca in Padova. Report & entrants by Sven Girgensohn.

Auto Da Corsa Storica - 1000 Miglia. Report & entries by Sven Girgensohn.

Ferrari Tributo - In honor of the 1000 Miglia. Report, entries & results.

Corse GT - Daytona 24 Hours & GT races to date. Results from Keith Bluemel.

Corse GP - New 2021 team introduced by Scuderia Ferrari.

Corse GP - 2020 SF1000 chassis numbers documented by Sven Girgensohn.

Mercato - The latest price evaluations plus recent auction results.

Guida - The latest price evaluations. The Guide is available only in Cavallino magazine and has listings for over 325 individual Ferrari models, with Years Made, Engine Type, Chassis Range, Model Type (Sport, GT, Production, Speciale), Low End/High End Price Estimate, and Arrows indicating Up or Down Movement.

Na přání dodáme i starší čísla, některá zpětně až do roku 2001. Máte-li o ně zájem, uveďte to v poznámce k objednávce.



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