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Cavallino Number 253 (February / March 2023)

The Journal of Ferrari History



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Dostupnost: U vydavatele: dodání 1-4 týdny
Číslo produktu: CAV253
Výrobce/vydavatel: Cavallino, USA
Jazyk: angličtina
Typ/formát: Magazín
EAN kód: 9780000000000
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449 KČ (Koncová cena vč. daní, cel a dovozních poplatků)

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Vazba: Sponková
Počet stran: 120
Rozměry v mm: 220 x 280
Rok vydání: 2022

Every issue of Cavallino magazine contains superb photography, writing, and research, beautifully laid out and printed. We use the best photographers to shoot the current Ferraris, and we have an unrivalled archive of historical Ferrari photos. And our articles and stories on old and new Ferraris are thoroughly researched, written by acknowledged experts. Cavallino is the recognized Ferrari authority because all facts are checked and verified for accuracy. But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself by viewing the sample pages below.

In this issue:


    • 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB4 Competizione #16425, the last of the third series of “Daytona” Gr.4 Competizione cars, still in very original condition, tells its story. Ordered in Giallo Fly, by Belgian Ecurie Francorchamps, it has only two races under its belt, one in Spa-Francorchamps and the other in Le Mans. When quality is definitely better than quantity…


    • 2006 F430 GTC GT2 F131 EVO GT #2476, the story of the origins of the 430 GT2 model, developed by Ferrari Corse Clienti in collaboration with Padua-based Michelotto, destined for both official and private teams. It was designed to boost the Prancing Horse’s record in the FIA GT Championship’s GT2 class competitions. The car shown, #2476, a freshly restored and successful racing veteran, debuted in the 2007 Italian GT Championship before moving on to more international events.


    • Cavallino Classic Middle East 2022: Coverage of the last Cavallino Classic concours of 2022, held at Casa Ferrari during the same weekend as the final race of the F1 2022 championship. A wonderful and refined international gathering of classic and youngtimer Ferraris, in an absolutely spectacular location.


    • Ferrari Finali Mondiali 2022 at Imola: the full report, inclusive of the chassis numbers of every single Ferrari present at this, the greatest GT event of the year, made unforgettable by the launch of the new Ferrari 499 P Hypercar.


    • Ferrari Classiche Corso Pilota is the program created by the Maranello factory to help collectors from all over the world to get the most out of driving their classic Ferraris. Held on the tarmac of Ferrari’s legendary Fiorano racetrack, it sees entrants getting behind the steering wheels of Ferrari’s classic models to better learn how to control them. Check out Cavallino’s report of two days spent in the most exciting and fun school in the world.


    • The Ferrari 499 P Hypercar is the car that marks the return of Ferrari to the “sports” championship, a moment that enthusiasts the world over have been dreaming of for the past 50 years. Cavallino fully covers this new model, which, even before its official debut, has already secured its place in Ferrari history.


    • LMH vs LMDh: what are the differences, in terms of the rules and the models raced, between these two sets of technical specifications? A Cavallino report clarifies this complex topic.


    • We all know that Ferraris have always been made to race. But the question of how the Berlinettas of the last 30 years have evolved to compete better was one worth looking at in greater depth. Cavallino discovers what distinguishes the Challenge from the version created with the GT Championships specification.


    • Adolfo Orsi is considered one of the most important car historians in the world and among the most qualified classic car judges. Cavallino asked him about cars and his Classic Car Auction Yearbook, but also dug into his other passions, including his love for his home town, Modena, and its traditional food.


    • Have you ever wondered how a Formula 1 changes during the season? Cavallino did, and answers this question with a series of drawings illustrating the evolution of the 2022 Ferrari F1-75 during the 2022 season. An F1 car as never seen before!


    And, as always, Cavallino brings you the voice of several editorialists, discussing general topics, and of market specialists who analyze the values of different Ferrari cars.

Na přání dodáme i starší čísla, některá zpětně až do roku 2001. Máte-li o ně zájem, uveďte to v poznámce k objednávce.



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