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založeno 1990

Automobily osobní a dodávky / Noble

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A-Z of Cars 1945-1970
Classic and Sports Car
Demand for this book has never slackened since first publication in 1986, and a full revision in 1993 brought the benefit of the latest knowledge about many cars and makers. It's now back in print after a gap of over 10 years. More than 1000 models were on sale in Britain in the period, and every one of them is described and illustrated, while brief histories of their makes provide background.
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A-Z of Cars 1945-1970

Noble Sports Cars
Road Test Portfolio
Launched in 1999, the Noble M10 high-performance sports car was the brainchild of talented design engineer, Lee Noble. It was the iconic M12 which earned the rave reviews and established Noble as a maker of handsome, ultra-fast and affordable cars. This book is a compilation of road & comparison tests, technical & performance data plus an invaluable buyers guide. Models covered: M10, M12
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Noble Sports Cars

You'll know the name Noble. Ever since the M10 and M12 wowed the press in 1999, the marque has taken its place within the British sports car landscape alongside the likes of Lotus, TVR, and Morgan. But what do you know of the man behind the brand? He didn't appear from nowhere. "The Lee Noble Story" is a biographical look at the rise, stumbles, and falls on the path to widespread recognition. From
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The Lee Noble Story