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Post-War British Thoroughbreds

Their Purschase and restorations


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Dostupnost: Skladem - In Stock
Číslo produktu: 0854291369-VG
Výrobce/vydavatel: G.T.Foulis, UK
Jazyk: angličtina
Autor: Bruce Hudson
Stav: Použitý, velmi dobrý stav, lehce opotřebená obálka
Typ/formát: Encyklopedie
EAN kód: 9780854291366
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Vazba: Vázaná
Počet stran: 182
Rozměry v mm: 180 x 240
Rok vydání: 1976

Post-War British Thoroughbreds are the vintage cars of tomorrow. Built in the period immediately after the last war, from 1945-55, they are in many ways the last bastions of individuality and flair in traditional motoring design before the onslaught of today's tremendous mass production philosophy. Thoroughbreds can be bought for reasonable sums and, when restored to their original splendour, will not simply provide reliable and enjoyable occasional transport, but be worth-while investments for the future. As the owner watches a modern car's capital value dwindle, he will see his thoroughbred car actually appreciate as the years go by. Bruce Hudson has been buying and restoring thoroughbreds for years. He knows all the problems first-hand and his book is an ideal guide for owners and prospective owners of thoroughbreds. He deals with the important initial problem of choosing a car, vetting it and buy ing it. He then explains, clearly and sensibly, the job of restoring the car: mechanics, bodywork and interior trim, the facilities, tools and materials that are needed. His advice throughout is practical and down-to-earth; he does not gloss over difficulties or minimize the patience and perseverance essential for a really first-class job. The author's own colour drawings show 24 se lected examples of thoroughbreds worth restoring. In the second part of the book, he gives detailed summaries of some 54 models (all illustrated), analysing their virtues and parti-cular shortcomings, sources of spare parts, secretaries of 'one-make' owners clubs, and a mass of technical information, much of which is near-impossible to trace from any other source. As well as being an indispensable handbook and reference for all thoroughbred-lovers, Bruce Hudson's book provides a unique and absorbing historical record of British cars produced in that 'golden' decade following the last war .



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