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Great American Automobiles of the 50s


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Dostupnost: Skladem - In Stock
Číslo produktu: 0881765937-VG
Výrobce/vydavatel: G.T.Foulis, UK
Jazyk: angličtina
Autor: Richard M. Langworth
Stav: Použitý, velmi dobrý stav, lehce opotřebená obálka
Typ/formát: Encyklopedie
EAN kód: 9780881765939
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Vazba: Vázaná
Počet stran: 320
Rozměry v mm: 260 x 330
Počet obrázků: 800
Rok vydání: 1989

Thirty years after the last one was built, American automobiles of the '50s continue to engage people like those of no other place, no other era. For those who grew up in the decade of Elvis, Sputnik, Leave It To Beaver and the Hula Hoop, they're a nostalgic reminder of a kinder, happier, more gentle America. For younger generations —including a vast number of enthusiasts in Europe and Japan—these automobiles are fascinating artifacts of a now-distant age when the car was king in America and Detroit the center of the automotive world. From towering tailfins to pushbutton transmis-sions, tri-tone paint jobs to "Tri-Power" engines, these cars are completely different from anything being made today—and all the more compelling for it. In short, American automobiles of the '50s remain a worldwide phenomenon. Great American Automobiles of the '50s captures the essence of these "time machines" in a fashion as unique as its subjects. Author Chris Poole and noted automotive historian Richard M. Langworth profile more than 140 individual models in 320 glamorous pages filled with breathtaking color photographs and concise, captivat-ing historical coverage. Brief specifications and authoritative model-year production figures accompany each entry, making this a valuable reference work for collectors and enthusiasts as well as anyone with an interest in cars. And what interesting cars they are! In Great American Auto-mobiles of the '50s you'll relive the days of Ultramatic, Hydra-Matic and Flash-O-Matic; of modern, high-performance V-8s with names like Turbo-Fire and Firepower; of gimmicks and gadgets such as swivel seats, retractable hardtops, and air suspensions. Here, too, are the first Thunderbirds and Corvettes; the last Packards, Nashes and Hudsons; pioneering compacts and oversize cruisers; fascinating "also-rans" like the Gaylord and Muntz Jet—every-thing from Allstate to Willys, $1500 Chevys to $10,000 Lincolns and Cadillacs. A major reason for the enduring appeal of these cars is the way they so closely mirrored the spirit of their times. And the '50s were unquestionably special years in U.S. history. America was never more optimistic or influential in the world, the wonders of science never more pervasive in the national consciousness. It was a time.for dreaming, but it was also a time for rapid technological progress. In fact, many of the automotive necessities we now take for granted originated with these cars: power steering and brakes, factory air conditioning, even reclining seats. Of course, '50s America is also remembered for its ebullience and excess, and many of the cars profiled here reflect these character-istics. But not all were overblown, under-engineered rattle-traps, as history so often paints them. Chrysler's 300s, for instance, were formidable performers to rival any in the world, and Studebaker's acclaimed 1953-54 coupes introduced the public to European design long before it was fashionable. Beyond the cars themselves, Great American Automobiles of the '50s is the story of the people who shaped them, the stylists and engineers, the movers and shakers and dreamers whose work still fires the hearts and minds of car lovers everywhere. It all makes for a "top-of-the-line" tour of some of the most memorable cars ever built.



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