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Encyclopedia of American Cars 1940-1970

By Richard M. Langworth and The Editors of Consumer Guide


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Číslo produktu: 0517294648-VG
Výrobce/vydavatel: Bookman Publishing, USA
Jazyk: angličtina
Autor: Richard M. Langworth
Stav: Použitý, velmi dobrý stav, opotřebená obálka
Typ/formát: Encyklopedie
EAN kód: 9780517294642
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Vazba: Vázaná
Počet stran: 192
Rozměry v mm: 230 x 280
Počet obrázků: 700
Rok vydání: 1980

Rozsáhlá encyklopedie amerických automobilů doplněná o bohatý obrazový doprovod. Popisuje všechny americké značky osobních automobilů, včetně těch nejmenších. Modely jsou nejen vyobrazeny na dobových fotografiích, ale jsou rovněž doplněny technickými specifikacemi.

By Richard M. Langworth and The Editors of Consumer Guide

During the years from 1940 through 1970, the American auto industry produced some of the most exciting, unusual, memorable cars in history. These are the cars sought today—by those who grew up with them and those too young to remember them first-hand. Whether we owned one, or merely dreamed of owning one, the cars from this significant 30-year period became an intimate part of our daily lives. Today, among enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike,1940-70 cars command more interest than those built in all other years. In recognition of this phenom-enon, noted automotive historian Richard M. Langworth and The Editors of CONSUMER GUIDE® magazine have compiled the Encyclopedia of American Cars, 1940-1970. This one complete volume offers a clear, concise, and factual account of some 36 major nameplates, plus brief descriptions of over 200 fascin-ating minor makes. Never has so much research been compiled to bring you the full story of the engineers, stylists, and execu-tives who shaped these cars. You'll learn why the cars turned out like they did, and how they did on'the market. The book is divided into two parts—"Major Makes" and "Minor Makes." Each entry in the "Major Makes" section includes valuable reference tables showing every series, every body style, and every engine offered, along with weights, prices, and model year production figures. A year-by-year list of total model year pro-duction and industry rankings is also provided. This material, much of it not easily found elsewhere, makes for a comprehensive reference work ideal for the experienced car collector and hobbyist.

Popisované značky: 3 Dodge 152 Introduction 4 Edsel 174 Qualifications and Exceptions 8 Excalibur 176 Books and Periodicals 11 Ford 178 Allstate 12 Ford Mustang 198 American Bantam 14 Ford Thunderbird 202 AMC 16 Frazer 208 Avanti II 22 Graham 211 Buick 24 Henry J 213 Cadillac 44 Hudson 215 Checker 64 Hupmobile 225 Chevrolet 66 Imperial 226 Chevrolet Corvair 88 Kaiser 233 Chevrolet Corvette 92 LaSalle 238 Chrysler 100 Lincoln 240 Clipper 118 Mercury 252 Continental 119 Nash 268 Crosley 122 Color Showcase!! 273 DeSoto 125 Nash Metropolitan 292 Color Showcase I 129 Oldsmobile 294 Packard 312 Plymouth 322 Pontiac 342 Rambler 361 Shelby 370 Studebaker 373 Willys 387 Model Year Production, 1940-1970 391 Minor Makes 394 Notes to the Reader, Aerocar, Aeromobile, Aircar, Airphibian, Airscoot, Airway, Amitron, Apache, Apollo 394 Argonaut, Arnolt, Arrowbile, Asardo 395
Ascot, Astro-Gnome, Auburn, Aurora, Auto Cub, Autoette, Bassons Star, Baymont, Bearcat, Beechcraft Plainsman, Bergermobile 396 B.M.C., Bobbi-Kar, Bolide, Bosley, Brogan 397 Bryan, Buckaroo, Buckboard, Bugetta, Bushmaster, Californian, Cannon, Chadwick, Charles Town-About, Chicagoan, Colt, Comet (i), Comet (ii), Convaircar, Cord 398 Cortez, Crofton, Crue-Cut, Cubster, Cunningham 399 Curtis-Wright Air-Car, Cushman, Custer, Darrin, Davis, Daytona, Debonnaire, Delcar, Del Mar, Devin 400 Diehlmobile, Die Valkyrie, Dougherty, Dow Electric, Dual-Ghia 401 Duesenberg (i), Duesenberg (ii), Dynamo Jr., Edwards, Electric King, Electricar, Electric Shopper, Electro Master, • Electrobile, Electronic 402
El Morocco, Eshelman, Fergus, Ferrer, Fina, Fitch 403 Fletcher, Flintridge-Darrin, Ford 1901 Replica, Formacar, Frick, Gadabout, Gaslight, Gaylord, Glascar, Glassic 404
Goff, Gordon, Graham, Green Mini Bug, Gregory, Griffith, Henney 405 Honey Bee, Hoppenstand, Hummingbird, Hydramotive, Hydro-Imp, Imp, Inman, Jetmobile, Johnsonmobile, Jomar, Keen Steamliner, Keller 406 King Midget, Knudsen, Krim-Ghia, Kreuger, Kurtis 407 Laher, Larson, LaSaetta, Lawler, Lost Cause, Lupear, MK III, Marketeer, Marketouri Markette, Marquis, Mars II, Martinette, Maverick 408 McDonough, Mercury Special, Merry Olds, Merry Runabout, Midget, Mighty Mite, Minicar, Mobilette, Mohs 409 Mota, Motorette, Multiplex, Muntz, Murena, Mustang, Nash-Healey, Navajo 410 Norvell, Nu-Klea, Olds 1901 Replica, Omega, Panda, Pankotan, Panther, Paxton, Peco Buckaroo, Perrymobile, Pioneer, Pirhana, Playboy, Powell 411 Power Car, Publix, Pup, Quantum, Rambler 1902 Replica, Rik-Mobile, Roadable, Roadplane, Road Runner, Rockefeller Yankee, Rocket, Rollsmobile, Rowan, RSL 412 Ruger, Russel, Savage, Saviano, Scooter Car, Scootmobile, Seagrave, Skorpion, Skyline 413 Spook Electric, Star Dust, Starlite, Storm, Story, Stout Project Y, Stuart, Studillac, Stutz, Stutz Bearcat, Super Kar, Super Station Wagon, Surrey, Swift, Tasco 414 Taylor-Dunn, Thorne,Thrif-T, Towne Shopper, Tri-Car, Triplex, Tucker 415 U.S. Mark II, Valkyrie, Vetta Ventura, Viking, Voltra, Wagon De Ville, Warrior, Williams, Woodhill, Worthington, X-Ray Special, Yank, Yankee Clipper, Yenko 



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