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Tazio Magazine Nr. 8 (Summer 2023)

Slow stories of fast cars


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Výrobce/vydavatel: Tazio Magazine
Jazyk: angličtina
Autor: Tazio Magazine
Stav: Nový
Typ/formát: Magazín
EAN kód: 9772631948013
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Vazba: Brožovaná
Počet stran: 160
Rozměry v mm: 210 x 280
Počet obrázků: 500
Rok vydání: 2023

This issue is a special dedicated to the 50 Years of BMW Motorsport.


  • Gérard Larrousse on the ‘Hippie’ Porsche 917 Langheck he drove to second place in Le Mans in 1970. "It was raining so hard, we could not apply the throttle on the straights."
  • An in-depth look at and a drive in the 2004 Ferrari 550 GTS Maranello, made by Prodrive. Darren Turner talks about the year he shared this car at Le Mans with Rickard Rydell and Colin McRae.
  • The history of the Gulf-coloured Mirages, or: what happened next for John Wyer after the Porsche 917. Derek Bell shares his memories.
  • Deconstructing the myth; what made the Porsche 956 and 962 so successful at Le Mans? We find out behind the wheel.
  • Erik Comas had to wait twenty years to realise his dream; owning a Nissan R390 GT1 Le Mans racer which he turned into a road car.
  • With Alpine‘s entries in the sixties, we look at the two classes that mattered almost as much as an overall win at Le Mans; the Index of Performance and the Index of Thermal Efficiency.
  • Tazio Nuvolari only came to the Le Mans 24 Hours just once. Of course, he won. But it was a nailbiter with suspense right up until the final lap. We recount the story of the 1933 race.
  • Kazuki Nakajima opens up about his moment of horror as he saw a race he could not possibly lose, slip through his fingers in 2016.
  • An expert’s eye on the Ford GT40.
  • And of course, the columns from Hurley Haywood, Steve Soper and Christian Geistdörfer.



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