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založeno 1990

Automobily osobní a dodávky / AM General

skladem novinka v akci
While AM General is almost totally unknown, it makes some of the most recognizable vehicles in the world including the Hummer, Humvee, and postal Jeeps. During its relatively short life AM General has produced a wide range of commercial and military vehicles including postal service Jeeps and vans, military trucks from the 1/4 up to 5-ton models, military trailers, transit buses, motor home
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AM General - Hummers, Mutts, Buses & Postal Jeeps

AM General Humvee Manual: 1985 onwards (all models)
An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and driving the US Army's iconic high-mobility multi.purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV)
The Humvee, the modern-day US military four-wheel-drive successor to the Willys Jeep, is used by numerous armed forces around the world and in some civilian adaptations. Over 10,000 Humvees were deployed in numerous roles by coalition forces during the Iraq war. At least 25 variants of this highly versatile vehicle have been produced, from unarmoured light transport to surface-to-air missile
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AM General Humvee Manual: 1985 onwards (all models)

Hummer H2
Motorbooks Colortech
General Motors bought the retail and naming rights for the Hummer from American General in mid 1999 with a plan to cultivate and maintain the name of the most ferocious 4X4 ever created. The first new GM-sponsored soldier, the Hummer H2, was introduced under much fanfare at the 2000 Detroit Auto Show. The H2 is every bit the king of the off-road as its combat-proven brother is, all wrapped up in a
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Hummer H2

Part company history, part business tale, and part action novel, Hummer tells the story of the Humvees rise from a utility vehicle bred for military use to a suburban status-symbol. More that a simple story of GMs clever branding scheme at a perfect juncture in automotive, consumer, and world histories, this book is a cultural dissection of what images make Americans open their pocketbooks so
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Hummer: How the Little Truck Company Hit the Big Time, Thanks to Saddam, Schwarz

The High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, or Humvee, is one of the American armed forces' most recognizable vehicles. Developed towards the end of the Cold War with a land engagement in central Europe in mind, this versatile vehicle first came to prominence in the desert, during the Gulf War. This book traces the Humvee's heritage from the first motor vehicles used by the US military in the
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This is a nostalgic look at the world's best-loved and most significant automobiles. You can drive down memory lane with this celebration of 150 of the world's greatest cars, from the weird and wonderful to the largest, fastest and most infamous. From 0 to 150 take a journey through the first steam-powered vehicles and the Model T Ford, to favourites like the James Bond amphibian car, the holder
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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Extraordinary Automobiles